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Slim Stack for Men
Slim Stack for Men
Slim Stack for Men

Slim Stack for Men

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Slim Stack for Men KIT

The Slim Stack combines two of our most popular weight loss products into one convenient kit. Featuring IGNITE, a potent thermogenic that increases energy and metabolism, and TOTAL TEST, designed to support natural T levels. This 30-day solution is for customers looking to begin a weight management regimen.

The journey to your weight loss target is a road of hard work and dedication. Slim Stack will not do the work for you but it will help increase the timeline to achieving your results. Featuring two of our best products which are great for any and all customer types.

Green Tea Extract: Natural herbal plant extract that is used across the globe for antioxidant and cardiovascular benefits.

Advantra Z®: A clinically studied bitter orange extract which has been studied for its ability to stimulant thermogenesis, suppress appetite, and support weight management.  

Yohimbe Bark: A powerful thermogenic ingredient that promotes weight loss in the body and is derived from Yohimbe bark which is primarily found in Central Africa. 

Tribulus Terrestris: A herbal ingredient that is widely studied for its health benefits associated with libido enhancement and cardiovascular health. Total Test features a precise ratio of different variations of saponin percentages for optimal benefits.

Laxogenin: Laxogenin, also known as 5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin, is a plant-based derivative that focuses of maximizing muscle protein synthesis. Improved muscle protein synthesis can lead to improve recovery and strength gains.

Diindolymethane (DIM): Ingredient found commonly in some green vegetables such as broccolior kale. DIM is widely used for its ability to support a healthy hormone balance.

LongJack Extract: Herbal extract touted for its abilities to assist in libido support and hormone balance