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About Us

Complete Health is more than just a Nutrition Store! Our Health Coaches are trained to provide you with more than just the basic knowledge and benefits of Supplements. We are here to help guide and coach you to your Health and Fitness goals, while tailoring and adjusting your Program as needed along the way!  We offer customized solutions for Fitness, Meal Planning, and Body Composition Testing. We are here to help each Client achieve their Goals in a supportive, positive and educational way. When you shop at Complete Health YOUR goal, is OUR goal!

We aim to create something different from the typical Nutritional Supplement Company. Our goal is to be the leading consultant and partner of positive life change for our Clients.  We strive to provide expert advice, while keeping in mind that every Client is different and our advice must be customized to fit their personal Fitness needs.  Our Motto is SOLUTIONS over EXCUSES.

At Complete Health, we focus on four ideals: Hydration, Supplementation, Balanced Nutrition and Exercise. We want to help provide everything you need to make a personal commitment to these ideals. Once you make that commitment, we can help you accelerate results by continuing to provide education on how to live a healthy lifestyle, successfully.

Many of our staff members are certified personal trainers, strength coaches and experienced fitness professionals. They know exactly what it takes to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle.

No matter the goal—we want to help build a better you. We understand hard work and dedication. And our mission is to inspire and provide support for your journey to success!