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Sweat Ethic Vita Greens
Sweat Ethic Vita Greens

Sweat Ethic Vita Greens

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Vita Greens is an all in one daily vitamin & greens powder that was formulated specifically to support a healthy lifestyle. In addition to powerful antioxidant benefits of vegetables and vitamins we have added in digestive enzymes, probiotics and prebiotic fibers to improve digestive health and function. Start each morning with a single scoop of vita greens and begin attacking the day.

Vitamins: Features a full panel of all key Vitamins at the recommended daily
amount. Vitamin C has been doubled to help further support Immune defense

Prebiotic Fibers: This area is widely under served in our industry. Prebiotics
feed our natural gut probiotics to make sure they are performing at the optimal level. We are utilizing an assortment of multiple prebiotics for optimal gut health in conjunction with Digestive Enzymes. Your stomach never felt so good!

Bacillus Subtilis:
 A spore forming probiotic that can survive gut acid, drying, & high heat. Most products on the market are utilizing probiotics in powder form that are ultimately destroyed once encountering your stomach acid, so the probiotics do not
yield any benefit! Bacillus Subtilis has been studied for its ability to activate production of interferons & help white blood cells fight infection making it great for immune support.

Greens + Reds: We chose specific vegetables & fruits, such as blue green algae & spinach, that have high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values as these possess high antioxidant capacity which helps support a healthy immune system & body